Unique Concept in Sushi

January 31, 2009

I get really excited for friends and acquaintances that are on the verge of something great or are continuously searching for a way to turn their talents into a successful business endeavor.   The most recent endeavor that has really caught my eye and believe is worth sharing is Ted Dimoglou’s Tiki Sushi Cart.  If you’ve eaten sushi in Windsor you have probably eaten Ted’s at one point or other.  Ted has years of experience working in local sushi joints and has recently developed the concept of the sushi cart.  Ted has been pedalling the idea at local wedding shows as well as ones in London.  Its a great idea.  If you have a large function or know of anyboday getting married this would be a great addition to your party.  Sushi has become incredibly popular and I am quite confident Ted will be very successful in this endeavor but I want to help spread the word.  People always are looking for ways to make their wedding unique or different.  Well this is perfect for that.  The only contact info that I have currently for Ted is his email address.  If you or anybody you know is interested in Ted’s services by all means please send him an email.  tikisushi@gmail.com.  Not only will the sushi cart make a big impact on your party, Ted’s personality is perfectly suited to entertain and engage guests all night long.