Special Promotional Offer from Local Theatre Company

March 2, 2010

This message was forwarded to me by Demetri Vacratsis from Breathe Art Productions.  This is a great promotional offer to get you out this weekend and support one of Windsor’s best and most progressive theatre companies.

2 for 1 Special!!!

Detroit audiences and critics gave Mr. Marmalade great reviews and now we are offering a special short term 2 for 1 deal to see Breathe Art Theatre Project’s Mr. Marmalade in Windsor this Friday or Saturday at Mackenzie Hall at 8 pm!

2 for 1 if you book your tickets by Thursday at noon. Call 519-255-7600 or Online at http://www.BreatheArtTheatre.com. You must quote “Lucy’s list” to get the deal!

Mr. Marmalade is a funny and harsh story of a four-year old Lucy and her imaginary friend Mr. Marmalade. Mr. Marmalade, however, is no ordinary friend, spending way to much time at the office while feeding his drug and porn addiction. The result is a humurous by chilling story on the world we are creating for our kids.

Review from Marty Kohn, Encore Michigan: “Breathe Art Theatre Project staging brings together again the winning duo of Christa Coulter and Joel Mitchell…Coulter plays an actual child here, Lucy, but she’s never cutesy. Few actors do brutish rage as well as Mitchell…when he’s not pouring on the charm, (he) makes Stanley Kowalski look like Dr. Phil.”

Review from The Rogue Critic: “Clever…Highly experimental…I found myself reflecting on the choices and presentation long after leaving the theatre…This is one of those plays to which those who enjoy it will likely be compelled to return.”

Mackenzie Hall is located at 3277 Sandwich / Regular Ticket price is $20


Breathe Art Theatre Project (est. 2004) is an award-winning professional theatre company located in Detroit, MI and Windsor, ON, making it one of the few professional cross-border arts companies in North America. Breathe Art Theatre Project produces contemporary works based on the principles of ensemble collaboration that showcases the works of actors, directors, and designers from Detroit and Windsor. The company, formed in 2004 by a collective of actors, directors and designers, is cultivating a history of producing challenging and socially related theatre with an intimate relationship between the audience and the actors.

Breathe Art Theatre Project performs in Detroit, MI and Windsor, ON, making it one of the few professional cross-border art companies in North America.

News & Notes from BKB

December 15, 2009

Christmas is soon approaching and this might be a tad late for those of you who get Christmas shopping out of the way early but BKB has some great gift ideas for those who love food and love to cook.

Gift Certificates

Our gift certificates always make a great gift but they are especially perfect for stocking stuffers, teacher’s gifts, secret Santa gifts, or for coworkers because they come in $10 denominations.  Give someone the gift of great food without breaking your piggy bank.  There are ten days left till Christmas so hurry on down and get some.

BKB Cooking Classes

Purchase one of these classes for $30 or a package of 3 for $75.  This is a great gift for those who love to cook or would just enjoy a fun night out.  Buy a certificate and let them choose which class they would prefer.  Our first class coincides with Windsor Eats’ Winter Bites.  What better way to kick off Winter Bites than learning what makes BKB’s soups and stews so special.

On the third Sunday of each month BKB will be holding a series of cooking classes.  These classes will demonstrate the technique used to create the dishes as well as sampling the dishes themselves.  Participants will also get to sample wines that pair well with the dishes being made.  These classes are very informal and are meant to be as social as they are informative.  Cooking was meant to be fun.  Food, wine and friends.  Come alone or book as a group.  Attendance is limited to 20 people so book early.

Sunday January 17th, 2009     6:15pm to 8p.m

Soups & Stews – come see what makes BKB’s soups so memorable.  What better way to warm up on a cold winter’s night.

Sunday February 21st 2009    6:15pm to 8p.m

Appetizers – learn how to make simple yet elegant and impressive appetizers. What you learn will be perfect for any party or family function. Your parties will never be the same.

Sunday March 21st 2009        6:15pm to 8pm

Pastas – one of the most versatile foods than can render endless possibilities.  Learn how to make fresh pasta as well as a plethora of different sauces.

Sunday April 18th 2009          6:15pm to 8pm

Sauces and Dressings – put away the Paul Newman forever.  You won’t need to buy any packaged dressings or sauces after you learn how easy it is to make your own.

Sunday May 16th 2009            6:15pm to 8pm

Vegetarian – while many of the classes will be veg friendly and have many veg options, we will look at specific veg flavours and styles along with a closer look at lesser known grains and vegetables.

Sunday June 20th 2009           6:15pm to 8pm

Desserts – learn some great shortcuts and some easy ways to make healthy alternatives to the heavy decadent desserts you may be used to.  Use of fruit and natural sweeteners with classic techniques can render delicious results without the boatload of calories.

Location: The Black Kettle Bistro – 357 Ouellette Ave

Price: $30/each (taxes included) or 3 for $75

For more info or to book a spot please email blackkettlebistro@gmail.com or call 519.252.4333

BKB Participates in Windsor Eats’ Winter Bites

BKB is excited to participate in Winter Bites.  Winter Bites gives us an opportunity to create dishes and menus that go beyond our regular menu.  Don’t miss this chance to sample some new dishes.  We also have some other fun and unique events in the works for the week.  Our first cooking class kicks the week off.  Stay tuned for more info and our Winter Bites menus.  Visit Windsor Eats for full details and a listings of all participating restaurants.

‘Library Voices’ makes soup better!

March 17, 2009

This blog entry is just a story so if you’re surfing in a hurry and have better things to read go ahead but make sure you come back later. Anyway, Sunday night i found myself having to make bread. Yes again. Sunday is my only day off but I can’t complain being so busy that I have to come in to make more bread. My entire family is often in bed by 9 pm and I simply find that impossible no matter how tired I am. After preparing 2 batches of soup and and placing bread in the proofer, I realized that I had to wait for both to simmer and finish. I had about an hour or so to kill. I did have some work I could do, like write my next blog entry, but I decided to take it easy and go for a beer over at Phog.

I remembered that Phog was hosting Michou, Amos the Transparent, Library Voices, and Efan that night. I ran into Tom at hipster hockey earlier that day and the idea was planted in my mind then. So I sauntered on over and grabbed a pint. I got there just as Library Voices were taking the stage. Apparently a late addition to the bill. Tom briefly introduced them. From Regina. They started their set as Tom was putting his jacket on and throwing his bag over his shoulder. He stood next to me as they belted out their first two songs. All I could say to Tom as he turned to me was ‘how can you leave right now?’. Amazing show. Eight piece band from Regina. In Windsor, at Phog. Part of the luxury of having the best live venue in Canada in the neighborhood. There’s no way I could fully describe their show so go to their website right here and check them out. They sounded way better live and the dynamic was amazing. I know this because I bought their CD on my way out. In fact listening to them now on my computer. The combination of instruments, vocals, and sheer personalities was so compelling and entertaining. Great young raw talent ripe with enthusiasm is so great to share. I finished my pint, stopped to grab their CD and headed back to the restaurant. ‘Kundera on the dance floor’ (track 2) was stuck in my head all night. This didn’t really have much to do with BKB but if you get a chance give these guys a listen. They’re well worth the time.


Oh yeah, how did ‘Library Voices’ make the soup better? Well, that hour that I had to kill turned into almost two by the time I got back and ripped the CD. By then the soup had simmered so long it tasted perfect. I may have rushed to get home early if I wasn’t sidetracked by a another great show at Phog. The only regret is that once again I missed Michou. Will have to catch them next time.

Quick Audition Update

February 20, 2009

I’ve been surprised at how many people have asked me about the audition I had in Toronto a couple of weeks ago.  I had actually resigned myself to not getting the part so I was surprised when others asked about the results.  Sorry for not sharing sooner.  Unfortunately I didn’t get the part.  They responded about a week ago with a pleasant email.  It was a learning experience and I had a nice relaxing couple of days visiting with friends.  As for the idea of doing a cooking show I might have something in the works in the near future.  I will of course be letting everyone know if and when my ideas come to fruition.    So, for the time being at least, you won’t be seeing my mug on the tube any time soon.

Ressurecting the old notion of Family Restaurant

February 9, 2009

Its been sometime since Charlie, my youngest son (4) has been operating a restaurant out of his toy kitchen in our apartment.  It’s a small place, no employees.  He cooks, serves and does all the promo himself.  There have been times where i bust out laughing because of the exchanges we have as he pretends to run his restaurant.  For example…..he approaches me and asks what i want to eat.  I ask for a menu.  He says his restaurant doesn’t have any.  He then lists the four or five things that he does have.  If you ask for anything special he just scoffs and walks away.  The beginnings of a fine chef.  Both of our kids have a great interest in the restaurant seeing as they often come with me to work and hang out with staff in between babysitters or when we just don’t have any babysitters.  Bring your kids to work days are many for me.

This weekend was especially busy so i had many things to prep before Monday morning.  I’ve been baking all our bread fresh at BKB so the amount of prep some days can be daunting.  Sundays are my only day off and that often means i just have to go in for a few hours instead of all day.  On this particular Sunday Anastasia offered to come help and we decided to bring the kids.  When i brought the idea up to them they lit up. Funny but i can see why that would be exciting for them.  Charlie especially was very serious when we discussed how he can learn how to do all the things that it took to run a restaurant not just the cooking.  We drove down to the restaurant and immediately got to work.  I started prepping the dough and Anastasia was in charge of the crew to clean the dining area.  Dave, my partner, had just finished doing some repairs and must have thought it was a weird way to spend a day off with the family.  The kids were unbelievable.  Charlie (4) and Jack (6) cleaned the entire dining area.  They swept, wiped tables, wiped seats, vacuumed, and wiped down all the legs of the chairs.  Even I thought it would turn disastrous after a while and just lead to the boys running around playing Star Wars.  It didn’t.  They were very focused.  I was shocked to see how serious and excited they were doing it.  It was fun.  For everyone.  I’ve decided to make this a regular occurrence and give them an allowance for it.  Aside from it being cheap labour for me, it teaches them a good work ethic, the notion of working for your money and it also give them a true insight on what mommy and daddy do all day when they’re at work.  Being self employed in the hospitality business has its ups and downs but it has does have a unique sense of teamwork and bringing people together.  I so look forward to the day that the boys will want to come work with me when they’re older.  The old school idea of passing things on from generation to generation is not dead.  I love the idea of having a modern day version of the family restaurant.  Maybe one day you will be lucky enough to eat at “Charlie’s Famous Food” restaurant.  Apparently he makes the best frittattas in town.

Vote for Phog! Today and everyday this week!

February 4, 2009

I wanted to send a big congrats and good luck to Tom and Frank at Phog for their nomination and finalist as top 50 live venues in Canada on CBC radio3. I was happy and surprised to see that it was also mentioned in the Windsor Star. They’re not usually too good at showcasing smaller stories like this. If you haven’t already voted you should. It will take four minutes of your time. Follow this link   http://radio3.cbc.ca/polls/?pollId=31. Do it everyday and tell everyone you know to do so as well. Put it on your facebook status, send emails, whatever it takes to get the word out. This is a big deal. Windsor is one of the smallest cities on that list and Phog is up against some giants in the business. This would be huge for Windsor as well as Phog. Having a major national media outlet recognize you in this way is big. All the news that comes from Windsor is so negative. Let’s change that. Vote today, tomorrow and everyday until the contest ends. There are 3 or 4 more rounds so pay attention to the site and vote regularly. Windsor is often forgotten because of its distance down the 401 by so many Indie bands but Phog continually attracts great national acts as well as local talent, a testament to the effort and passion that makes Phog truly the best venue in Canada. Go vote now!

Romantic Gourmet Auditions

February 4, 2009

Just pulling out of union station in Toronto. Well I had my first audition yesterday. (I use first as if I have so many lined up. Not the case.) Not really sure why that’s worth mentioning. I think the word audition carries so much weight and invokes so many ideas of grandeur. The notion of ‘the big break’ inspires everyone for some false hope at a life so special. Well that romantic notion is just a way of elevating the importance of such an event but is not really grounded in actuality. In actuality it was a bland, short, uneventful twenty minutes.

After a brief lunch with my friend Aaron and a long trolley ride west, I found myself at a small photography studio. I walked in, sat down, signed a release form and waited. After a brief wait a woman escorted me downstairs where they had a small studio set up. Within minutes of taking off my coat I was in front of the bright lights and camera mimicking a cooking show. In broken English the cameraman/director tried to explain to me the premise of the show. It goes like this. A chef and a female co-host receive letters from viewers. The theme of the letters revolves around the idea that the viewer would like to cook something special for her/his husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend especially because their relationship is going through a tough time. It’s called The Romantic Gourmet by the way. So we read the letter, discuss how we can help and what kind of dish we’ll prepare and then we split up. The chef, me in this case, goes shopping for the food and the female host goes and meets the couple and talks to them. We then cook a meal with the person who wrote the letter and then serve it to them. They love it, fall deeper in love and everybody lives happily ever after. Interesting premise for a show, it will probably do well. The entire time leading up to it and the entire trolley car ride after the audition, I tried to understand why I came to Toronto and did the audition. I’m not really sure I would like this sort of show. I definitely wouldn’t watch it and I don’t think I would enjoy playing the part. I’m not really a good fit for it. I would be better suited for a show on the spike network where I can be myself and talk about food and cooking with a lot of passion in my own unique way (expletives and all). That being said, why was I here in Toronto trying to get this part? It’s all part of the long arms of promotion. What better way to help promote BKB, Windsor, and any future projects by having a recognizable public persona. When you decide to be self employed and wander the weary world of small business you come to a realization that everything you do is interconnected in one way or other. Like it or not. Do I agree with the concept that it should be like that, not really, but I do realize it as reality and trudge on. If they called me tomorrow and told me I got that part, even with the realization that I wouldn’t really enjoy it, I would gladly accept and then tell the world about it. I might even do a happy dance. As much as I might not like the day to day of doing the show I know that it would be a great benefit to promoting everything else I do. As for how I think I did, well I wouldn’t be surprised if I got a second chance audition, but I would be VERY surprised if I got the part. They liked my camera presence when I mimicked the cooking portion but I think I fell flat when working off the co-host and doing the intro and closing. I can’t just instantaneously get into character and have some funny banter and great rapport with someone I just got introduced to and am standing next to for the next three minutes. I have trouble with the bullshit. I guess that same attitude can be seen in most projects or interests I’m involved in. Not much bullshit, just simple and to the point. BKB is a great example of that. No fan fare, no bells or whistles. Good food, actually great food, served fast and bloody cheap. That simple.