I own and operate the Black Kettle Bistro in downtown Windsor.  BKB is a new concept where we’ve combined the speed and value of a fast food chain with the quality and atmosphere of a high end restaurant.  Good food does not have to cost a lot.  I’ve been cooking for almost 20 years.  My passion for cooking comes from a love of food.  I share that love with the other love of my life Anastasia.  We also try and instill in our 2 young children, Jack and Charlie, the importance of eating well and respecting the foods we eat.  I believe in eating well.  I believe in eating local.  I believe in supporting small local businesses.

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  1. julie says:

    Hi Rino

    I cover press and publicity for The Hour – and for One Million Acts of Green – I noticed your posting online today – thanks for getting involved in the OMAoG challenge!
    As an aside – I forwarded your blog posting and mentioned about your restaurant to the editors at the Windsor Star – I think that you should be promoted and acknowledged for your great strides to be more green in your business – so hopefully they’ll contact you and cover this great local story
    We were wondering if you’d send us some pics from the restaurant and we could post them on OMAoG – and give you a shout out.
    If so, you can send photos to me at my provided email address.

    Thanks very much.


  2. merry ellen says:

    nice to know good news is news

  3. ljones says:

    Black Kettle Bistro Rocks!

  4. Dennis Piche says:


    Nice blog.

    Suggestion: You need to add some feeds to social media so that people can easily DIGG or Tweet a story that they see on your blog. Also an RSS feed and the ability to link your story to Facebook or LinkedIn as well.



  5. Dennis Piche says:

    P.S. Don’t be scared to let people get in touch with you (via email) off of your blog… and post links to your Facebook and Twitter pages…



  6. rino says:

    Dennis, can you please leave me your email or email me at blackkettlebistro@gmail.com. i would love to get some help doing those things. not the most proficient at this yet.

  7. Great job once again. Thanks.

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