Unique Promotional Offer – 10% off with Facebook Screenshot

January 12, 2010

We’re looking for help to get as many people as possible exposed to our new line of commercials.  If you’re reading this than I’m guessing you’ve already seen them.  We’re hoping to get our name out there and get some greater awareness of what we offer.  With as much help as we can muster we are hoping the videos go viral and people who have never been to BKB get some idea of what we’re all about.  To encourage this we have come up with a unique promotional offer.  Simply post the video on your Facebook status and printout a screen shot.  Come in to BKB anytime with that printout/coupon and receive 10% off any purchase.  Hopefully our loyal customers and supporters will help out and we can get as many eyes on the videos as possible.  Hope you enjoyed the videos and stay tuned for more recipe video clips coming.  Subscribe to our channel and receive email notification anytime a new video is posted.