Unique Promotional Offer – 10% off with Facebook Screenshot

January 12, 2010

We’re looking for help to get as many people as possible exposed to our new line of commercials.  If you’re reading this than I’m guessing you’ve already seen them.  We’re hoping to get our name out there and get some greater awareness of what we offer.  With as much help as we can muster we are hoping the videos go viral and people who have never been to BKB get some idea of what we’re all about.  To encourage this we have come up with a unique promotional offer.  Simply post the video on your Facebook status and printout a screen shot.  Come in to BKB anytime with that printout/coupon and receive 10% off any purchase.  Hopefully our loyal customers and supporters will help out and we can get as many eyes on the videos as possible.  Hope you enjoyed the videos and stay tuned for more recipe video clips coming.  Subscribe to our channel and receive email notification anytime a new video is posted.

Exciting Events with Winter Bites – Week full of great food, music and art!

January 4, 2010

Black Kettle Bistro is excited to announce its participation in Winter Bites.  We are taking the culinary festival one step further and incorporating some of Windsor’s finest artistic talents to create not only a great culinary experience but a great taste of the Windsor arts & music scene.  Each night we will be hosting a special guest artist or musician.  It will be a special small and intimate atmosphere.  You may not get a chance to see these artists is such a setting anywhere else.  We will be offering a new and unique menu for the event.  When you purchase the $25 menu $5 will automatically go to the artist and if you choose the $35 menu then $15 will go to the artist and you will receive a signed copy of their CD or a special limited addition print signed by the artist.  Below is a list of the participating artists and musicians.  As outlined in a previous post, BKB is also starting their cooking class series the week of Winter Bites.  This is an exciting event that we are very proud to be offering and very excited to host.  Winter Bites is the perfect excuse to get out in the middle of a long cold January.  If you’re a fan of BKB this is an opportunity to try something that is not usually on the menu.  If you haven’t tried BKB yet, this is definitely the time to do so.

Sunday January 17 – Cooking Class: Soups & Stews

Monday January 18 – Jeremy Coulter (Stereo Goes Stellar)

Tuesday January 19 – Owen Wolters Photo Exhibit Show Closing

Wednesday January 20 – Adam Rideout-Arkel (Yellow Wood)

Thursday January 21 – Mike Hargreaves (Michou & Solo Artist)

Friday January 22 – Stefan Cvetkovic (Efan)

Saturday January 23 – Cristina Naccarato Photo Exhibit Opening

For BKB Menu Options & Details and more Winter Bites info visit Windsor Eats

Reservations are Required for this event……

Reservations: Call BKB  519.252.4333 or email blackkettlebistro@gmail.com

Shows start @ 7:15pm Reservations for 6:30, 6:45, 7, & 7:15 available