Ressurecting the old notion of Family Restaurant

Its been sometime since Charlie, my youngest son (4) has been operating a restaurant out of his toy kitchen in our apartment.  It’s a small place, no employees.  He cooks, serves and does all the promo himself.  There have been times where i bust out laughing because of the exchanges we have as he pretends to run his restaurant.  For example…..he approaches me and asks what i want to eat.  I ask for a menu.  He says his restaurant doesn’t have any.  He then lists the four or five things that he does have.  If you ask for anything special he just scoffs and walks away.  The beginnings of a fine chef.  Both of our kids have a great interest in the restaurant seeing as they often come with me to work and hang out with staff in between babysitters or when we just don’t have any babysitters.  Bring your kids to work days are many for me.

This weekend was especially busy so i had many things to prep before Monday morning.  I’ve been baking all our bread fresh at BKB so the amount of prep some days can be daunting.  Sundays are my only day off and that often means i just have to go in for a few hours instead of all day.  On this particular Sunday Anastasia offered to come help and we decided to bring the kids.  When i brought the idea up to them they lit up. Funny but i can see why that would be exciting for them.  Charlie especially was very serious when we discussed how he can learn how to do all the things that it took to run a restaurant not just the cooking.  We drove down to the restaurant and immediately got to work.  I started prepping the dough and Anastasia was in charge of the crew to clean the dining area.  Dave, my partner, had just finished doing some repairs and must have thought it was a weird way to spend a day off with the family.  The kids were unbelievable.  Charlie (4) and Jack (6) cleaned the entire dining area.  They swept, wiped tables, wiped seats, vacuumed, and wiped down all the legs of the chairs.  Even I thought it would turn disastrous after a while and just lead to the boys running around playing Star Wars.  It didn’t.  They were very focused.  I was shocked to see how serious and excited they were doing it.  It was fun.  For everyone.  I’ve decided to make this a regular occurrence and give them an allowance for it.  Aside from it being cheap labour for me, it teaches them a good work ethic, the notion of working for your money and it also give them a true insight on what mommy and daddy do all day when they’re at work.  Being self employed in the hospitality business has its ups and downs but it has does have a unique sense of teamwork and bringing people together.  I so look forward to the day that the boys will want to come work with me when they’re older.  The old school idea of passing things on from generation to generation is not dead.  I love the idea of having a modern day version of the family restaurant.  Maybe one day you will be lucky enough to eat at “Charlie’s Famous Food” restaurant.  Apparently he makes the best frittattas in town.

3 Responses to Ressurecting the old notion of Family Restaurant

  1. darren says:

    It reminds me of the Chicken Court in a way and how the owners family was always around. They even owned a house behind the restaurant on Victoria. The owners children and their children were always around the restaurant, but I never got the feeling they would be taking it over. I’m glad you feel like the passion might be rubbing off on your family though. I always felt like I should be working in some sort of cafe too, but being a romantic, I don’t know if it’s just a dream.

  2. susana says:

    you know your comment “being self employed … has it’s ups and downs but does have a unique sense of teamwork and bringing people together” is what i like so much about raising kids on a farm. i can’t believe how motivated declan is terms of ‘helping’ dad. as long as you are giving him something to do the amount of focus is unbelievable in a 4 (almost) year old. and they remember EVERYTHING … he already knows more than i do about tractors. clayt apparently could drive tractors when he was five …. but i think that would be illegal now!! mia is in the thick of things too but she is still pretty little and loses her focus earlier than declan.

    how’s the bread making going …. the kids love that too here! the amount of raw dough they can eat is disturbing though! we just got our own grain mill … so once we get it all set up we’ll be able to bake bread from the stuff we grow!

  3. Rino says:

    very cool. baking bread from your own crop, thats awesome. nice to here some tidbits from the farm life. if you guys mill a lot of your own grains you should let me know. i would love to be able to use local freshly milled grains for our bread. the bread making is going good but i don’t really enjoy all that much. it is very exact and scientific. i’m more of a throw this with that kinda guy.

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